In any arena, sustainability has to be at the forefront of development and evolution. Protecting the environment is a primary concern. It is fundamental and should be the core of every brand's  philosophy. The biodegradable packaging took six months longer than we thought as there was no compromise in obtaining only biodegradable solutions. All the hats are either raffia or papier, a sustainably sourced material made from recycled materials. Our fabrics are handwoven and then sent on to be hand woven into packable womens hats by artisans in Italy. We aim to continue to develop our collections with all these elements considered. 



A bespoke material made using recyclable paper materials. Papier is an extremely durable fabrication and has been used across multiple weaving techniques including spiralling and fine knitting. 


We have sourced a natural straw to create our hardwearing Gaby Hat which is handcrafted by artisans at our factories in Italy.


Made up of natural fibres, this non-treated fabrication has been used across our more natural, classic pieces to create beautifully hand woven packable hats.


Made from natural fibres such as hessian, cotton and viscose. We've added them to our hats to add a further styling detail. They're all removable so you can have a choice of two different ways to wear your hat.


Our Partner - byEloise

byEloise strives to be a sustainable brand. Many non-branded pack hairbands on the market are lost/tossed away and consumed at a fast pace. byEloise wishes to change this by offering premium hairbands; high quality and long-lived products. Paper packaging is used rather than plastic and the packaging of the products sold on the Le Hat web shop is 100% climate neutral.   
ByEloise is very careful with the selection of producers and believes in long-term relationships, good working conditions and fair wages. The factories are visited 2-3 times a year by byEloise to ensure quality of production and oversight of working conditions.
 ByEloise invests in good quality that lasts a long time.  


All production for our hats takes place in Italy. The factory we work with began in the early 1900s and has supported women in the art of millinery ever since. We are proud to work with them and support them. 
We are passionate about visiting our factories in Italy on a regular basis and maintaining relationships with them at all times. 


We have worked with our suppliers on producing a biodegradable sleeve option for you to store your Le Hat in while travelling. Made from biodegradable plastic. We encourage you to reuse this for continual storage while travelling. If you no longer require the sleeve then please recycle accordingly or return to us.  


At Le Hat our final stage of packaging will conclude with a 100% recyclable kraft box. We have been reassured that all manufactured waste is disposed of responsibly making sure the recyclable loop is maintained and fully optimised in conjunction with the UK packaging regulations.