We currently only a 57cm and 59cm Le Hat in most styles. All are sizes are approximate measurements however, are handmade and size can vary by 0.5-1cm. Nevertheless you will be able to easily adjust the hat from the inside with a drawstring tie. If you need a smaller size, simply pull the drawstring from the inner sweatband and tie a bow to secure it. You have the capacity here to reduce the size by 2cm. 

We have illustrated a few simple steps to ensure you’re measuring your head properly before purchase. In order to do this you will need a cloth tape measure. It would help if you also had some assistance from another person, just to ensure accuracy. Please note that we measure in centimeters. 


We’ve listed two options of wearing your hat. It is essential to measure your hat to fit as per your preferred option as there are significant differences. 


The ‘halo’ is placed above your forehead and slightly angled toward the back of the head. 

1. Place your measuring tape around your head starting at the furthest part of the back of your head.


 2. Bring the tape measure round to the front of your head and finish just above your hairline. Ensure your tape measure is about 3-5mm above your earlobes on the side.  



The ‘traditional’ way of wearing your hat is shown below sitting perfectly on the top of your head.

1. Using your tape measure and starting at the back of your head, place the measuring tape around the back of your head.
 2. Bring the tape round to the front of your head leaving about 3-5mm above your ears and finish in the centre of your forehead or just above your eyebrows.


If you’d like any further assistance please feel free to contact us on info@le-hat.co.uk  

Alternatively, if unsure place an order and if the hat doesn’t fit you then send it back for a full refund or exchange within 14 days.

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