I wanted to take my favourite hat everywhere! I wanted a hat that lived in its own space allowing me to be able to carry, protect and store it with ease. Basically a hat that took away the burden of travelling with a hat - a lightweight packable travel hat! Buying hats online is never easy so I wanted to create a hat that was workable for everyone. Our clever inner adjustable tape allows you to wear the hat to fit. 
My idea took a year to evolve. I came up with the idea and set to work in finding the perfect hat, the packaging and thus creating the brand. Simplicity had to be key - simple shapes, that work for most in both naturals and colours. I wanted packaging that was easy to carry and did not take up too much space in handbags, suitcases and cupboards. It also had to protect the hat from wear and tear, be affordable and sustainability was paramount.  
In any arena, sustainability has to be at the forefront of development and evolution. Protecting the environment is a primary concern. It is fundamental and should be the core of every brand's philosophy. The biodegradable packaging took six months longer than we thought as there was no compromise in obtaining only biodegradable solutions. All the hats are either raffia or papier, a sustainably sourced material made from recycled materials. Our fabrics are handwoven and then sent on to be hand woven into packable womens hats by artisans in Italy.  
Our main goal is to be affordable and maintain the ability to wear with ease and not be precious about it. The ability to roll it and run so to speak. The ability to lie on a sunbed and read, have all the benefits of a beach hat and the durability of wearing a cloth cap.
Le Hat is an affordable luxury product. Luxury affordable, stylish, chic, playful womens summer hats. A selection that has something for everyone. 
Lots more to come! Le Hat for men, kids and a collection of printed hats. Watch this space!